I told you…let’s get to it!!!

You may not learn anything about what I write or visualize in this blog, but I deeply hope to have a good time with all of you and interact while I am telling you the story of Jesus in my own life.  Of course, this had several stages from the day I met him, going through serious doubts about Him and His existence, to reaching a total conviction, to the most passionate desire to talk about his life so that others know him.

I was born on May 7, 1970 in the beautiful city of Pergamino in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It is considered “The Pearl of the North”, a land of Italian settlers, Lebanese and Spanish Syrians, propitious and prosperous for farmers and ranchers.

I grew up with my brother, Marcelo, in a family of Catholic customs and Italian ways.  At the age 14, we were invited to participate in a Word of Life summer camp in San Miguel del Monte.  There, something amazing happened – something that changed me forever and now affects the way I live my life on a daily basis.  On January 8, 1984, I met Jesus as my personal Savior, understanding that His forgiveness and life were forever.  For the first time, I would hear an absolute truth that would completely disarm my rebellion and madness.  JESUS LOVES YOU, were the words of the preacher!

Time flies…

In 2001, with my beloved wife Nancy, we were commissioned to serve youth with Word of Life in Portugal.  After ten wonderful years, and obeying the call of God, in August 2010, we moved to Barcelona to take on the direction of the youth ministry of Word of Life Spain.

We are more…

They were slow in coming, but their arrival was so fast!!!Our children arrived, completing our lives and giving us a value that can not be explained until for the first time you hear that word, “Dad!”  Currently we have three beautiful children, Noemi, 14, born in Portugal, Estêvão, 11, born in New York, USA, and finally, closing the factory, Isabella, 9, born in Portugal.

Now I have to learn, I have also mentioned it to you …

What is my intention with this blog? … It is that in  “GOSPELIZANDO,”  we ask ourselves questions regarding the need to reach our own generation with JESUS.  What ingredients am I using?  Why do the ingredients that I use not season?  Why do I not I see changes?  Will the changes they make be the right ones?  Is it so difficult to make disciples?  Let us agree that in order to answer these questions, it will be very important to answer them using biblical criteria and meaning.

What does this blog offer you?  Current articles, testimonies of life, books to read for your youth leadership, experiences based on frustration and personal learning during twenty-seven years of ministry with young people and especially the need to open my heart to tell you over and over again that … doing it wrong is also part of the process.  One question we should ask ourselves before diving into this honorable and precious task of “reaching youth with the gospel of Christ” is:  Why have we lost our authority with respect to this generation?  We deeply believe that we have weighed, on the scale of ministerial life, speed as something more important than the direction in which we go and we have forgotten that discipleship is: to reach an ever-changing generation with a God that never changes. (Word of Life – Local Church Ministries Statement).  Through all these years of serving the youth in different countries, we have asked ourselves a question in each context in which we have lived and that is:  Do I really know them?  Do I know who they are or do I apply the “norm” that has been taught to me by older generations of servants of God?

Many times we lose sight of the reality that different generations are changing in ways of thinking and lifestyles with technology, fashion, the newest liberal pedagogical trends and other situations; this changes the moral standards of our society.  We are not talking about changing biblical principles, but about knowing “the market” to which we were called to serve, and from that practical knowledge, practicing the pastoral part in a close and practical way to minds in constant fragmentation.

We can meet the needs of this generation with the influence of the Word of God, exposed and expressed from the good testimony we give about our Lord Jesus Christ with our behavior.

Remember, the “dimension of your leadership” does not lie in what you say today, but in the passion of how you live what you said yesterday. In this way people will follow you.